14-18 March 2022, Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates

Advanced Diplomacy Protocol and Etiquette

Diplomacy, protocol and etiquette is important because it promotes thoughtfulness, exceptionally good manners, respect, refinement and consistency in communication and can empower officials with critical skills to succeed in today's complicated global networks.

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14-18 march 2022, Abu Dhabi
The United Arab Emirates

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About this Course

Advanced Diplomacy, Protocol & Etiquette

Protocol is the set of rules which prescribe the conduct or behavior that is accepted by high ranking Government officials, diplomats and dignitaries around the world. Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations. It requires having tact and being non-confrontational.


Knowledge in diplomacy, protocol and etiquette is important because it promotes thoughtfulness, exceptionally good manners, respect, refinement and consistency in communication and can empower officials with critical skills to succeed in today's complicated global networks.


Protocol Ideas


Seminar Starts on: 14 March 2022

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Course Objectives

  1. To increase awareness among officials of the principals of protocol and diplomacy;

  2. To enhance skills written and oral communication and the way in which your institution is perceived and received by Government and the diplomatic community;

  1. To develop the critical skills required for hosting important events and hosting dignitaries;

  2. To master the skills associated with refinement and presence at any international business and social meeting and event.

Who should Attend

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette course will be of interest to:

  • Practicing diplomats, civil servants, and others working in international relations

  • International and regional organizations staff, NGO staff

  • Executive/legal administrative professionals

  • Postgraduate students of diplomacy or international relations wishing to gain deeper insight through interaction with practicing diplomats

  • Practitioners in other fields seeking an entry point into the world of diplomacy

  • Journalists, staff of international and non-governmental organisations, translators, business people, and others who wish to improve their understanding of diplomacy-related topics

  • This course is also recommended for anyone required to interact with important individuals and concerned to ensure that these interactions pass off as professionally as possible.

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Benefits of this Course

  • Build Confidence when meeting VIP’s

  • Enhanced professional image

  • Enhanced personal brand

  • Master international protocol & diplomacy

  • Build confidence when attending social events

  • Understanding business entertainment & dining

  • Attain Communication excellence

  • Ability to work in cross-cultural environments

  • Develop skills to host important dignitaries 

  • Refinement & presence at international events

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