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Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

In this course we explain how to apply AI disciplines to solve pressing security problems, such as the challenges of data at scale and speed in threat response. 


24-28 July 2023


Two Seasons Hotel

Dubai, The UAE


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About this Course

Artificial intelligence (AI)—when leveraged with preparation and guardrails—is a game-changing approach to solving complex problems in cybersecurity. In this course, we will delve into AI in the context of information security, providing use cases and practical examples that lend each concept a real-world context. 

We will go over the six main disciplines of AI and explain how to apply these disciplines to solve pressing security problems, such as the challenges of data at scale and speed in threat response. We will cover machine learning techniques and their suitability for security issues, as well as the general limitations and risks of using AI for security. You will also learn how to best prepare your organization to apply AI-driven security.


Why Choose this Course 

Cybersecurity is one of the many uses of Artificial Intelligence. Going by a recent report by Norton, the global cost to recover from a typical data breach is USD 4.24 million. Studies also conclude that it takes a whole 287 days to identify and contain a data breach and it also takes about 200 days to recover it. As such, it makes sense for companies to use AI to avoid both financial losses and waste of time.


AI offers insights that enable companies to understand threats easily, thereby reducing response times and making firms compliant with security best practices. On the other hand, machine learning (ML) helps in recognizing patterns in data to enable machines to learn from experience. So, by leveraging cyber threat intelligence, machine learning, and AI, companies can respond to issues with speed and confidence.

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for leaders at all levels who must pilot their organization through the complexity of a dynamic cybersecurity environment and mobilize appropriate resources to maintain stable business operations. This course is also invaluable to technology specialists aspiring to a leadership role, as well as security experts who need to upskill in such a rapidly evolving field.


Additionally, thought leaders, management professionals, analysts, and technical writers who must interpret and communicate the implications of cyber threats to stakeholders will benefit from this professional development experience.


What you will Learn

  • Foundational disciplines of artificial intelligence

  • Identifying security activities at different stages

  • How AI can help you tackle problems of scale

  • Using AI to avoid false positives

  • How AI can address issues before they become threats

  • Using clustering methods with security problems

  • Preparing your organization for AI

  • Evaluating AI tools in the market

  • Applying AI to information Security

  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

  • Security Objectives and Approaches

  • Leveraging AI to Solve Complex Security Problems 

  • Machine Learning for Security

  • Practical Considerations, Risks and Limitations

Meet your Trainers

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Tess Anderson

Art Director

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