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AI for Project Managers

Harness the power of AI to work smarter on your projects 

24-28 July 2023
Dubai, UAE
The Carlton Hotel

About this Course

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer confined to the realm of science fiction. It's on track to disrupt the world of work in a very real way, and major changes—from the rise of productization to the demand for predictability—are driving its adoption.


In this course, you will learn about the impact that AI will have on project management, how to prepare for the changes that lie ahead, and how to harness the power of AI to work smarter. We will go over the factors that are contributing to the growing importance of AI. We will also detail how to prepare for the disruption that AI will cause; hone the skills that AI cannot replace; and leverage AI to more effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, close, and integrate your projects.


Learning Objectives

  • The impact of AI on project management

  • Major changes driving AI adoption

  • Evolving work trends

  • How the demand for predictability is driving AI

  • Preparing for disruption by anticipating change

  • Leveraging human creativity

  • Initiating, planning, executing, and closing projects with AI

  • Describe how to approach AI technology for the most benefit.

  • List technologies that enable AI capabilities.

  • Explain how natural language chatbots enable AI technologies.

  • Describe the benefits of AI with project management platforms.

Who Should Attend? 

This course is suitable for all Project Management Professionals across all industries. The PMP course is best suited for: Project Managers, Associate/Assistant Project Managers, Team Leads/Team Managers, Project Executives/Project Engineers, Software Developers, Data Scientists, Project Assistant, Project Administrator, Project Management Specialist, Project Scheduler, Project Planner, Project Risk Manager, Project Procurement Manager, Project Quality Manager, Business Analyst, Planning Manager, Project Advisor and Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager.

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AI for Project Management
Course Outline

The domains for the new PMP Certification exam have been updated to include more diverse skills and approaches.
The new PMP Certification exam will focus on three domains:

  • People - focusing on skills and activities associated with effectively leading a project team

  • Process - reinforcing the technical aspects of managing a project

  • Business Environment - focusing on the connection between projects and organizational strategy

The new content will also include predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches in the exam.
For more detail, please refer to PMP exam updates by PMI.

Meet your Facilitators

We only choose the Pros with a Proven Track record

Mr. Redwan Kabour

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Experienced Business Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 15 years Experience


Dr. Shadma Parveen

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International Corporate Trainer for Management and Leadership Development; Executive Coach; TEDx Speaker; NLP


Dr. Albert kovacs Fern

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An experienced Business Development Specialist and Business Training Specialist

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