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Big Data and

Data Analytics for Business Managers

Learn about the integrative power of knowledge management, Big Data and Cloud Computing, and how they impact the new business era. In the knowledge era, the most value added job will be to manage knowledge

Seminar Starts on 

28-31 March 2022 at
Landmark Grand Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About this Course

Big Data and

Data Analytics for

The business landscape is changing so rapidly that traditional management, business and computing courses do not meet the needs for the next generation of workers in the business world. Most traditional methods are of a repetitive, rule-based nature and will be gradually replaced by Artificial Intelligence. In the knowledge era, the most value added job will be to manage knowledge, which includes how knowledge is created, mined, processed, shared and reused in different trades and industry. At the same time, the amount of data and information (prerequisites of knowledge) is exploding exponentially. 


Digitalisation, Cloud Computing, Big data will transform how we live, work and even think in a Networked Economy. These trends and more will have a profound effect on how we see the world and create policies. In this course, the following topics and more are covered: 

  • What is knowledge management?

  • How is knowledge captured, elicited, organized & created 

  • Managing knowledge at the enterprise and Small Businesses 

  • Digitalisation and its impact on the workplace, collaborations and new value creation

  • What is big data and how can we use data analytics from a laymen perspective?

  • What is Open Linked Data and how can it support machine reasoning?

  • How can new knowledge be mined from big data?

  • What are the technical and social problems with big data?


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What you will learn 

At the end of this training program participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of Knowledge Management (KM) practitioners in creating business value

  • Become familiar with the techniques and tools for capturing, processing, classifying and organizing knowledge

  • Analyze large quantities of data and information through business data analytics

  • How to use Cloud Services to derive new values and business models

  • Understand the role of social media and technologies in innovating new business services

  • Apply the principles you have learnt to company-based business projects

  • Learn how organisations are leveraging Big Data Analytics to design and implement strategy.

  • Understand how organisations use Big Data to positively impact the sales and marketing, human resources and finance functions of organisations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Heads of government Departments

  • Non Governmental Organisations

  • General managers, Marketing and sales managers

  • Finance and human resource professionals

  • Functional managers

  • Big data project managers

  • Business and data analysts

  • and Digital transformation professionals.


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  Big Data and Knowledge  
Management in Business


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Meet your Instructors


Mr. Redwan Kabour

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Experienced Business Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 15 years Experience

Nicole Smart.jpg

Ms. Nicole Smart

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International Corporate Trainer for Management and Leadership Development; Executive Coach; TEDx Speaker; NLP


Mr. Abdullah Assad

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  • An experienced Business Development Specialist and Business Training Specialist


Seminar Venue and Dates

28-31 March 2022, The Radisson Blu Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Big Data and

Knowledge Management


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