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Public Financial Management

In this course, we demystify the strategic decisions that finance leaders make, as well as how business leaders outside of finance can contribute to their success. 

About this Course

In this course, we demystify the strategic decisions that finance leaders make, as well as how business leaders outside of finance can contribute to their success. We lay out strategies for structuring a financial management plan for your organization and help you identify the choices and tradeoffs between investing in growth and taking out earnings or profits. We look at various kinds of financial risks, as well as how audits can help address risk. Plus, we share long-term strategies for keeping your company's finances in check.



20-24 March 2023


Landmark Grand Hotel

Dubai, The UAE


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  • Define terminology used in finance.

  • Differentiate between runways and guardrails.

  • Apply concepts of leverage to a scenario.

  • Explain the importance of effectively communicating financial risks to stakeholders.

  • Explore the various types of opinions given by independent auditors.

  • Describe attributes of effective finance professionals.


Introduction to Finance Strategies

  • Welcome 

  • Finance from a business perspective

  • Important roles in corporate finance

  • The future of finance strategies

  • Corporate finance & Business Strategy

  • How leaders can support finance

  • Runaways and Controls


Strategic Trade-offs for finance Leaders

  • Growth versus earnings

  • Growing revenue vs cost leadership

  • Te value of leverage

  • Issuing equity or taking on debt

  • Going public or staying private

  • Financial Market Risks

  • Interest rates and risks

  • Auditing financial risks


Planning steps for Long term Strategy

  • Consistency key for financial strategy

  • Finance forecasts as decision inputs

  • Finance decisions are business decisions

  • Setting your financial Team

  • Putting trade-offs in place

  • Building your financial strategy

Who Should Attend

  • This course is recommended for any financial professional who needs to create, maintain and improve the forecasting process at their company, as well as professionals in any function who must interpret, analyze and make decisions based on forecasts created by others.

  • Accountants working in the Government and Other Public Sector Entities

  • Auditors working in government Institutions

  • Financial Accountants 

  • Policy Makers in the Public Sector

  • Practitioners in other fields seeking an entry point into the world of Public Financial Management

  • Management and Financial Accountants 

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Banking professionals who analyze Statements

  • This course is also recommended for anyone involved directly in the management of public finance or anyone involved in policy for Public Financial Management

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