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25-29 March 2024, The Carlton Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Creative Marketing and Brand Management





About this Course

Ever feel like there’s not a new idea under the sun? Then it’s time to escape from your cube and let your creativity out to play at a marketing learning adventure unlike anything you’ve ever attended!

Creative, Innovative, Captivating & Practical: The traditional rules of marketing have changed and are evolving at warp speed. To succeed in this brave new world of business and to solve the tough dilemmas you face every day, you’ve got to discard “the way we’ve always done it” and think in new ways … challenge the status quo … go outside the lines. And, you’ll need every ounce of creativity, innovation and idea power you can muster!

Why Choose this Course

Become a Marketing Genius: That’s why we’ve designed this 5-day Creative Marketing Training Seminar to give you unlimited opportunities to shake off the mental fatigue and let your marketing genius run wild! If you want an infusion of bright ideas, inventive approaches and ingenious solutions, this Seminar is where it all starts. So enroll today ­— right now ­— for this marketing event of the year. Don’t miss it ­— or your competitors will have all the fun without you! Click the button below to register and book your seat on this training seminar:

Spark your Creativity

Think rousing discussions and interactive exercises. Think idea-generating games. Think brain-training sessions that will yank you out of your idea ruts. Think inspired session leaders putting innovative spins on marketing rules. You are going to come roaring out of this training seminar inspired and wired and ready to tackle the next marketing challenge.

Innovative Spins on Marketing

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Meet Your Trainers

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

Train with Us

You will leave this seminar with specifics you can apply immediately. After all, when you need training, why settle for less than the best? 

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Practicality is Emphasized

You will leave this seminar with specifics you can apply immediately. You will also get a soundly researched, unabridged workbook

Our Value is Unbeatable

Not only is our enrolment fee among the lowest you’ll find, when four or more enroll from the same organization, you’ll enjoy a significant discount.


Professional Trainers

Our trainers are the best … period. We choose only the pros that have a proven track record of training effectiveness, professionalism and expertise.

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