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23-27 January 2023, The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Digital Transformation for Leaders & Managers  

Digital transformation is an ongoing force in business today. But what is it exactly and how can leaders navigate it? In this Course, business leaders can understand the larger context for this massive change and strategy effort, begin to see where their company lies along the continuum, and discover how best to navigate through the complex terrain long term.


About This Course

Digital Transformation for Business Leaders 

A slew of exciting new technologies—from robotic process automation (RPA) to machine learning (ML)—have altered the way that companies do business. As a digital-era executive, skating by on a vague understanding of these capabilities is no longer an option.


To successfully lead your team in this new world of work, you need to grasp the digital operations landscape, and how you can effectively apply it across your company. In this course, we will show you how to filter out the noise, properly set expectations, and prepare your organization for a smooth digital transformation journey.

At this Creative Seminar

Discover how to Digitally Transform your Organisation


23-27 January 2022


The Radisson Blu Hotel

Dubai, The UAE


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What you will Learn

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the essentials of digital transformation.

  • Identify where your company is along the continuum of digital transformation.

  • Discover what you need to do to bring your organization Digitally up to speed.

  • Summarize how integrated systems improve customer experience.

  • Get strategies for unleashing creativity, innovation, and resilience in your organization, both at an individual and structural level.

  • Describe the Impact of the fourth industrial revolution on your company.



23-27 January 2023

Our Seminar Schedule


Day 01

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

In this course, we help business leaders better understand the implications for people, processes, and technology; the risks of ignoring the digital transformation trend; and the rewards one can garner from riding this wav

Day 03

RPA, AI, and Cognitive Tech for Leaders

Learn what C-suite executives need to know to navigate the digital operations landscape, filter out the noise, and digitize their organization using RPA, ML, analytics, and AI.

Day 05

Business Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Learn how to collaborate effectively and stay connected with your team using the tools of the modern workplace. The digital revolution has provided new tools and ways of working that are spreading quickly throughout all industries.

Day 02

Foundations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This course reviews the disruptive changes in business and their impact on the future. Learn about the main technologies that are emerging, including artificial intelligence and blockchain, and their effect on cities, industries, and people. 

Day 04

Leading with Creativity and Innovation

Nurture innovation at your organization. Learn about multiple ways leaders can inspire innovation and explore new values, new customers, and new processes. Respond to change in creative ways.



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