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21-25 March 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


in Emerging Economies focus on 


Seminar Starts on 

21-25 March 2022 at
Landmark Grand Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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in Emerging Economies

Focus on AFRICA

Africa has complex and unique business opportunities. This entrepreneurship course takes an interdisciplinary approach to building scalable businesses designed to solve core problems or fill institutional voids. Unlike other business courses, this one focuses on identifying points of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts through “live” online lectures, peer-to-peer learning, and real-life lessons incorporated into your own business plan.

Taught by top notch Business School Professors, you will learn how Africa-specific trends impact the opportunities and challenges in undertaking entrepreneurship ventures on the continent. This course will examine the nuances that render Africa unique in today’s emerging market landscape, and the similarities that can be drawn from the world’s other fast-moving emerging economies. Developing your own business plan with peer-to-peer feedback is the capstone learning experience of this course.


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What you will learn 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will learn the following:

  • Identifying new entrepreneurial opportunities that generate African solutions to African problems

  • Using a toolkit for understanding how to scale a venture in a capital or infrastructure-limited context

  • Thinking about business ventures in the HBS case method style

  • Developing a conceptual framework for evaluating important factors such as branding, social media, the role of government, and that of other critical stakeholders

  • Developing resilience in the business model, vital to sustainable success in Africa.

Course Benefits

This course has amazing benefits for you including the following: 

  • Upon completion of this course you will get verified certificates from both Highpro International and Harvard University. 

  • The course is taught by three renowned Professors from Harvard Business School

  • Each week will end with a live webinar section that includes the faculty and leaders from the African business community. 

  • You also have the option to participate in the course’s week-by-week business plan development process.

  • Business plan development will culminate with such participants having an opportunity to submit a business plan. The best plans will be judged by a highly qualified African business jury.  In so doing, the course will expose you to an unparalleled network of business academics, as well as Africa’s top business leaders.



Entrepreneurship in Emerging

Economies Focus on AFRICA 

Identify new entrepreneurial opportunities that generate African solutions to African problems.

Only a few seats remaining currently

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Meet your Instructors

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Prof. Tarun Khanna

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Tarun Khanna is the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the Harvard Business School, where he has studied and worked with a wide range of companies and investors in emerging markets worldwide.


Prof. Caroline Elkins

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Caroline Elkins is a Pulitzer-Prize winning Professor of History and of African and African American Studies at Harvard University, and Visiting Professor of Management at the Harvard Business School.


Prof. Karim Lakhani

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Karim R. Lakhani is a Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and one of the Principal Investigators of the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard

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