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25-29 April 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Mastering Financial Technology

Learn from leading academics and practitioners from around the world about the innovations, technology and regulation driving the transformation of finance.

Seminar Starts on 

25-29 April 2022 at
Landmark Grand Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About this Course


Mastering Financial Technology


Over the past decade emerging technologies, paired with massive changes in regulations, have driven an unprecedented transformation of finance around the world. This process is happening more rapidly across the globe. This course is designed to explore FinTech fundamentals and help you make sense of this wave of change as it happens.

New players such as start-ups and technology firms are challenging traditional players in finance, bringing democratization, inclusion and disruption. Companies engaged in social media, e-commerce, and telecommunications, as well as, companies and start-ups with large customer data pools, creative energies, and technical capacities, have brought competition to the existing financial infrastructure and are remaking the industry.

These transformations have not only created challenges but also unprecedented opportunities, building synergies with new business and regulatory models, particularly in emerging markets and developing countries. To meet these changes, 21st-century professionals and students must be equipped with up-to-date knowledge of the industry and its incredible evolution. This course is designed to enable participants with the necessary tools to understand the complex interaction of finance, technology and regulation.

In this course, through a series of video lectures, case studies, and assessments you will explore the major areas of FinTech including, beginning with What is FinTech before turning to Money, Payment and Emerging Technologies, Digital Finance and Alternative Finance, FinTech Regulation and RegTech, Data and Security, and the Future of Data Driven Finance, as well as, the core technologies driving FinTech including Blockchain, AI and Big Data. These will set the stage for understanding the FinTech landscape and ecosystem and grappling with the potential direction of future change.



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What you will learn

Participants will learn the following:

  • What FinTech is and how it is transforming the world of finance around the world.

  • Understand the major technologies involved in FinTech and the major players in the market, including startups, TechFins, traditional financial institutions and regulators.

  • Learn about blockchain, its design, uses, potential and limitations.

  • The opportunities of FinTech but also the risks and challenges of the technological transformation of finance.

  • Understand not only the current landscape but also develop the tools to understand future trends and developments.

Who Should Attend?

  • This program is designed for those working in finance, technology, regulation or FinTech; financial and non-financial personnel, or those just interested in learning more about one of the most exciting processes underway today. It will also be beneficial to: 

  • Managers and those with financial responsibilities, Financial decision makers, whose techniques of decision making, planning and analysis will be improved through attendance.

  • Professionals acting upon the financial decisions of others, who will gain an appreciation for using financial technology to advance their organisations

  • Analysts whose role involves evaluating and identifying market and competitive trends, Junior managers involved in risk managements.



Financial Technology

Learn from leading academics and practitioners from around the world about the innovations, technology and regulation driving the transformation of finance.

Only a few seats remaining currently

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World Class Venue

The Hyatt Place Hotel Dubai

Your Dubai adventure starts at our conveniently located hotel in Al Rigga Street. Just a few steps away from the Al Rigga metro station, the options are endless when you stay in the middle of the action at Hyatt Place Dubai. 

Centrally located modern essential hotel in Dubai, it offers 210 stylish and spacious guestrooms with Free Breakfast buffet every day.


Meet your Facilitators


Khushboo Mushtaq ACA

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Distinguished Business valuation Expert, Accounting Adviser and Management Consultant with many years experience in Financial  Management

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Fatima Beena Haider

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A highly experienced, organized, detail- oriented, forward thinking and much experienced Financial Trainer and administrator


Samia Masood ACCA

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Highly experienced  Associate Chartered Accountant and ACCA (Member of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, UK).


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