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18-22 April 2022 Dubai, UAE

Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining

Welcome to Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining where you will explore key concepts in the management of health, safety and wellness in mining workforces and communities, including the impacts of new technologies and the importance of human factor considerations.

Seminar Starts on 

Monday 18 to Friday 22 April 2022 at
The Radisson Blu Hotel 
Pebble Creek, Dubai, UAE

Time Left to Seminar

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Health, Safety
& Wellness in

Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining incorporates videos, expert insights, simulations, discussions and scenarios to deepen your current understanding of health, safety and wellness challenges, contexts and processes within the sector. The course covers topics such as legislation and governance, organisational safety culture, risk management, and the management of hazards, human factors, industry health issues, and community health impact.

What you'll learn

Students who complete this course will:

  • Identify key health and safety risks and impacts for workforce and communities

  • Appreciate the risk management processes and control strategies to manage these risks

  • Consider the corporate systems, laws and policies designed to ensure a safe, healthy and well workforce.

  • Explore the human factor considerations of mining systems, and the impacts of technology and changing workplaces


Time is Running Out


Only a few seats remaining currently

Benefits of a Health Mining Workforce 


The benefits of a healthy, supported workforce are well-researched. They include lower absenteeism, decreased presenteeism, increased productivity, happier employees, improved engagement, lower turnover and greater employee satisfaction. All are positive outcomes for the introduction of a wellbeing program.


What might a healthy mining workforce program look like?

As one article from Forbes states, a wellness program needs to recognise all aspects of an employee’s health and wellbeing.

“To be successful, workplace wellness programs must take a holistic approach to wellness. This means your program needs to recognize all areas of your employees’ health and wellbeing, including physical, financial, emotional and social wellness. Be sure to provide education and resources that cover all aspects of health and wellness." what other organisations, sites and business are implementing.

Who Should Attend?

  • Safety practitioners

  • Mine management

  • Mine health and safety officials

  • Engineering managers

  • Underground production supervisors

  • Surface production supervisors

  • Environmental scientists

  • Operations manager

  • Processing manager

  • Contractors (mining)

  • Including mining consultants, suppliers & manufacturers

  • Energy and Water solving projects

  • UnionsAcademics and students.


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Meet your Instructors


Mr. Redwan Kabour

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Experienced Business Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 15 years Experience

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Ms. Nicole Smart

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International Corporate Trainer for Management and Leadership Development; Executive Coach; TEDx Speaker; NLP


Mr. Abdullah Assad

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An experienced Business Development Specialist and Business Training Specialist

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