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Leadership and Management Skills 

for the 21st Century

24-28 April  2023

This Course will provide insights into some of the challenges that leadership in the 21st century faces, and the qualities that leadership will need to possess in order to effectively tackle these challenges.

Leadership & Management Skills

About this Course

Leadership no longer means simply managing individuals and projects. Rather, today’s leaders continually create and manage change. They must constantly evolve, finding new ways to engage, motivate, inspire, influence, and transform,


This intensive training opportunity is designed for executives who want to make a positive impact in their business, their organisations, their careers, and their personal advancement. The course is designed to model the 21st executive practices in an experiential way and to foster leadership and management development.

Attend this Seminar to

Thrive Again by Reinventing Your Leadership


24-28 April  2023


The Landmark Grand Hotel 

Dubai, The UAE


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Benefits of Attending this Course


1. We Process Your UAE VISA: 

We will process your 30 days Tourist Visa and your Travel Insurance Certificate all included in your participation fee. No hidden fees. We process all this in three working days.  

4. Practicality is Emphasised: 

You will leave our seminars and conferences with specifics you can apply immediately. And you won’t go home empty-handed. You’ll leave our seminar with an official Certificate of Completion. We promise you’ll get results your very next day back at work.  

3. World-class Trainers: 

We choose only the pros that have a proven track record of training effectiveness, professionalism and expertise. And what’s more, they’re exciting communicators who’ll provide you with two of the most interesting days you’ve ever spent.

2. Our Guarantee is the Best in the Industry: 

How can we be so confident? Because we work hard before the seminar to make sure you’re happy after the seminar. Pertinent, up-to-date information you can really use, a convenient meeting location, seminar registrars who are courteous and helpful and a trainer who grabs your attention and takes you on an exciting journey full of fun and facts.

24-28 April 2023

Our Seminar Schedule


Day 01

Understanding 21st Century Leadership

  • Global mega trends shaping 21st Century Leadership

  • What exactly is 21st Century Leadership

  • 21st Century Leadership Competencies

  • Developing a Compelling Vision and Strategy

  • Managing Diverse Workforces

  • Communicating Powerfully and Effectively

  • Embracing Creativity and Innovation

Day 03

Introduction to AI & Data Analytics for Managers

  • About this module

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • How Artificial Intelligence Works

  • Applications of AI in Business

  • Data Analytics and Optimisation

  • Data Analytics: Sources of Data

  • Analytics Value Escalator

  • Case Study for Data Analytics

  •  Introduction to Microsoft AzureML

  • Creating a Microsoft Account

Day 05

Managing Disruptive Change

  • Identify emerging disruptions early on

  • Why do companies get disrupted?

  • What are potential sources of disruption?

  • What are disruption patterns that can be spotted?

  • Proactively manage disruptions to leverage them as an opportunity.

Day 02