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Leading Effectively in Government

Attend this Course and Gain Critical Knowledge and Skills needed to excel in a government Leadership Role

19-23 June 2023
Dubai, UAE
Two Seasons Hotel

About this Course

Many people feel that leading in government is challenging. While it certainly has its challenges, serving the public can help you make a lasting, positive impact in the community you serve.


This course, will help to equip you with the critical knowledge and skills needed to excel in a government leadership role. After detailing what makes leading in government different from leading anywhere else, we will share practical tips for using strategic thinking to handle common public leadership situations.


Next, we will cover how to connect your objectives with operational plans in state, local, or federal government; create and manage a budget; motivate your employees; prepare presentations; develop innovative solutions; and more. Throughout the course, we will share real-life examples that help to shine a spotlight on how these leadership tactics actually work in the field.

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20-24 March 2023


Two Seasons Hotel

Dubai, The UAE


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What you'll Learn

Module 1 Introduction 

First, we’ll we will discuss the unique role of leading in the government and how this differs with leading in the private sector. We will also discuss the diverse challenges and unique opportunities of leading in government,

Module 2 Strategic thinking in Government

In this module you will learn how to use the past and present information to create a strategic plan for a better future. You will also learn how to link your team's accomplishments with your government organisation's vision and mission and get your team to buy into both. 


Module 3 Budgeting for Public Leaders 

In this module we’ll we will show you how to effectively create and execute any government budget to help you get ahead of the game. You will also learn how to staff your team for excellence.

Module 4 Leading Change in Government 

Today, we are experiencing change like never before. The public sector is not an exception. In this module you will learn how to lead government through turbulent changes and trends affecting humanity. 


Module 5 Developing, Motivating & Communicating with Employees

In this module we will show you practical ways to develop and motivate your employees to perform at their optimum potential. You will also learn how to communicate effectively in the government. 

Module 6 Creativity & Innovation in the Public Sector 

How can you open your mind and that of your team to think creatively and innovatively. In this module we will look at practical ways in which government leaders can think outside the box to create quality products and services.  

Module 7 Decision making in Government

Decision making is a critical part of leadership. Success or failure is a result of decisions made in the past. In this module you will learn learn an effective process that will help you make quality decisions using information.  

Who Should Attend? 

This training course is suitable to a wide range of government professionals who are interested in developing their strategic leadership capability:

  • Senior Government Officials

  • Aspiring Government Leaders

  • State-owned Company Executives

  • Parliamentarians

  • Civil Servants

  • Regulatory Officials

  • Officials from Public Bodies and Committees

  • Non-executive Directors of Government Agencies

  • Officials from Government Agencies

  • Departmental heads of government departments

  • Council and Municipal officials

  • County government Officials

  • Provincial and District Officials 


Benefits of Attending

  • We will process your 30 Days UAE Visa and Travel Insurance Certificate

  • 5-Days high-quality Boardroom Training

  • Learning content curated by industry experts

  • World class trainers with a proven track record of training effectiveness, professionalism and expertise.

  • Practicality is emphasized. You will leave this seminar with specifics you can apply immediately

  • The value is unbeatable. Not only is our enrolment fee among the lowest you’ll find, when three or more enroll from the same organization, you’ll enjoy a significant discount.


Meet your Facilitators

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Dr. Shadma Parveen

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Experienced Business Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 15 years Experience