MS Office 2019 Certification

Get hired, demonstrate clear business impact, and advance your skills. With the Microsoft Office certification program, you can take your career to the next level. 

Duration: 18 Months Access License

Course Fee: US$400

About this Course

MS Office 2019 Certification


Our Microsoft Office 2019 online certification course program measures imparts practical skills and knowledge on how to perform essential tasks in Microsoft Office productivity applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).


Learners have the opportunity to prove their proficiency using these applications to create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides. These skills are beneficial in a wide variety of jobs across many different industries, such as business, IT, healthcare, and education. Office Pro certified individuals have greater career and job readiness, increased confidence, and increased job satisfaction.

Course Specifications

We deliver the best features on a World-class Online Platform




190 Simulations Labs

In one simulation, students can install hardware in a PC, boot it up, and then configure that hardware in the operating system. No need to purchase equipment.

236 Video Lessons

Because these lessons are hosted online, learners can practice whenever they want, anywhere at any given time.

169 Text Lessons

This course also includes 169 well articulated Text Lessons from industry experts, Pros that make IT learning come alive

7 Practice Exams

This course includes 132 section quizzes, 1 356 exam questions and 3 Certification Practice exams replicate the question types of the real exams.




Exam Facts

  1. The Office Pro certification is included in the cost of Microsoft Office Pro courseware.

  2. The Microsoft Office exam is 100 percent performance based.

  3. Learners may encounter a small number of unscored tasks that are used to evaluate and improve the exam. These tasks do not impact a Learner's final score.

  4. Upon passing, certificates can be ordered from the home page for a minimal fee.

  5. Students who pass the exam can download a digital certificate from the home page.
  6. This course is comprised of simulations and other questions intended to measure skills.
  7. If you would like to evaluate or retake any of the Pro certifications, you may request additional instructor exam vouchers by emailing

Course Highlights


Hands-On Experience With Real Results


Multiple learning activities, including the virtual hands-on labs, are designed to develop proficiency in Microsoft Office skills. The course is uniquely designed to improve student confidence resulting in higher test scores and academic and career success.


Automatic Progress Reporting

An integrated reporting features allow you to see how well your students are progressing. You can see how much time they spend in each of the 190 labs as well as the videos, text lessons, section quizzes, and practice exams. Scores from these resources are recorded automatically, saving you the trouble of doing it manually.


Instructor Resources and Support


In order to support our instructors, Microsoft Office Course program comes with various teaching resources such as teaching slides, sample documents, and capstone project assignments. In addition, our friendly and committed support team provides whatever help you need as quickly as possible.


Everything You Need in One Resource

This course includes all the teaching materials you’ll need to effectively learn and acquire valuable PC skills. Resources include instructional videos, text lessons, quizzes, and certification exam prep. No additional resources are needed. Real-time scoring and LMS integration are also included, saving instructors valuable time.

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