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23-27 May 2022 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Retirement and   

Employee Investment


Planning to retire from full time work? Are you ready? This Highpro International Retirement Planning (RP) training program guides employees through 5 days of interactive and activity-laden session that cover everything from retirement benefits to work-life.

Seminar Starts on 

23-27 May 2022 at
Landmark Grand Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About this Course

Risk Management
for Projects


Risk management is a process used for the identification, assessment and analysis of potential risks to an organization or project. This process enables you to develop the most appropriate risk response.

In the Risk Management for Projects course, you will learn the fundamentals of risk management, as well as how to apply a risk management process in a project-based setting. Risk management is an iterative process and you will learn how adopting key procedures can help you maximize opportunities and minimize negative impact on your project objectives.

In this course, you will further up-skill through the application of the risk management canvas, which is a framework that enables you to manage risk within your own environment. It will immerse you in the concepts of risk management and help you to apply the key processes.

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What you will learn 

Upon successful completion, participants will learn the following:

  • How the risk management process works as part of a compliance framework

  • Use of frameworks to identify, assess and analyse risks in a business context

  • Application of appropriate risk responses

  • Design and integration strategies for reporting and communicating risks to various stakeholders

  • Use of a monitor and review process, and application of risk management as an iterative process

Who Should Attend?

  • Project and Programme Managers

  • Risk Managers and Risk Officers

  • Project Implementation Team Members

  • Administrators responsible for managing projects

  • Business planners, program managers, project managers

  • Non governmental organisations (NGOs)

  • Project and Programme Managers

  • Anyone involved in projects – whether as project manager, project team member, planner or senior manager – will benefit from this program.


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Retirement & Employee Investment Planning

The Easy Way to Learn how to manage risk in your organization by using the best risk processes and procedures.


Meet your Instructors


Mr. Redwan Kabour

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Experienced Business Entrepreneur and Consultant with over 15 years Experience

Nicole Smart.jpg

Ms. Nicole Smart

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International Corporate Trainer for Management and Leadership Development; Executive Coach; TEDx Speaker; NLP


Mr. Abdullah Assad

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  • An experienced Business Development Specialist and Business Training Specialist


Seminar Venue and Dates

23-27 May 2022 The Radisson Blu Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Managing Disruptive 

Change in Business


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