Cape Town, South Africa 20-24 April 2020

Strategic Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control

Corporate planning, budgeting and control are essential for effective management of modern organizations. To survive and thrive in the current ever-changing, hyper-competitive global marketplace, financial managers must go far beyond traditional business concepts. 


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About this Course

Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control

Corporate planning, budgeting and control are essential for effective management of modern organizations. 

To survive and thrive in the current ever-changing, hyper-competitive global marketplace, financial managers must go far beyond traditional business concepts.


Today they must understand the new dynamics and inter-relationship of forecasting, budgeting and business performance that will determine their organization’s future success or failure. In this leading edge seminar, you will learn how to:


  • Develop effective goals, strategies & plans to achieve business success 

  • Transform the budget into a key management tool that drives performance

  • Increase the accuracy of forecasting to greatly improve decision making

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What you will learn 

The objectives of the seminar are to provide delegates with the necessary tools and techniques to enable them to:

  • Develop effective corporate financial plans aimed at maximizing returns

  •  Developing strategies that are meaningful to your organization’s goals

  •  Transforming strategies into successful business objectives

  •  Understand the importance of operational and strategic objectives

  •  Why the classical budgeting process doesn’t meet current business needs

  •  Transforming the budget into a powerful too that drives business success

  •  Implement effective performance systems with scorecards & KPIs

  •  New approaches for increasing the accuracy of forecasting

  •  Real-world forecasting examples and case studies: lessons learned

Who Should Attend?

Professionals interested in furthering their Strategic financial Management and budgetary control skills would benefit from this training course. It will also be beneficial to: 

  • Both financial and non-financial personnel  

  • Managers and those with financial responsibilities, Financial decision makers, whose techniques of decision making and analysis will be improved through attendance.

  • Professionals acting upon the financial decisions of others, who will gain an appreciation for decision making thereby ensuring shared values within the organisation.

  • Analysts whose role involves evaluating and identifying market and competitive trends, Junior managers involved in risk managements.
    Managers involved in planning and decision making and Financial planners..

WHEN Monday - Friday

24-28 February 2020


Lagoon Beach Hotel

1 Lagoon Gate Drive, Lagoon Beach, Cape Town, 7441

Republic of South Africa

Phone: +27 021 528 2000

Benefits of Attending

Break out of your comfort zone

This Seminar will help you to break out of your comfort zone. Breaking out of your comfort zone is just the type of action that is necessary to break out of old ways of thinking.

Sharpen and enhance your Skills

Sharpen your skills: You will learn new ideas and novel approaches to Strategic Financial Planning to make you more effective and efficient at work.

Effective face-to-face Networking

This seminar will afford you the opportunity to meet business leaders and other Financial Management professionals and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Content at a Glance

Corporate Financial Planning

Day 1

  • Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

  • The Objective of the Firm – Meeting Shareholder & Stakeholder Objectives

  • Agency Theory – The Relationship between Shareholders & Management

  • Creative Accounting and the Case of Enron

  • Financial Management & Financial Planning 

  • Preparing a Financial Plan – The Master Budget

  • Forecasting Future Cash-flows & Financial Modelling

  • Time Series Analysis, Correlation & Regression  

Financing the Plan

Day 2

  • Sources of Finance – Long Term & Short Term

  • Evaluation of the Types of Finance - Equity vs. Debt Finance

  • Hybrid Finance & Financial Engineering

  • The Dividend Decision

  • The Cost of Capital and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

  • Accounting Rate of Return (ARR)

  • Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Capital Rationing & Payback

Preparing and Managing Budgets  

Day 3

  • Budgets, the Budgetary Process & Budgetary Control

  • Types of Budgets-Fixed, Flexible, Incremental and Zero Based

  • Purpose / Benefits & Problems / Limitations of Budgets

  • Setting / Implementing Effective Budgets - Eliminating the Problems

  • Responsibility Accounting and Absorption Costing

  • Activity-Based Budgeting / Costing (ABB, ABC)

  • Variance Analysis, Cost Behaviour, Break Even Analysis & Sensitivity / What If Analysis

  • What-If Analysis combined with Du-Pont Analysis

Managing and Controlling Cash Flow

Day 4

  • Cash vs. Profit & The Cash Conversion Cycle

  • Calculating and Managing the Cash flow Cycle

  • Cash Flow Ratios & Working Capital

  • The Cost of Maintaining Working Capital

  • Maintaining the Optimum Level of Working Capital

  • Working Investment Ratios

  • Preparing a Monthly Cash Flow Forecast

Managing Financial Risk

Day 5

  • Risk Management & Types of Risk

  • Identifying Risk – SWOT Analysis

  • The Major Quantitative & Qualitative Risks Facing Companies

  • Establishing a Risk Management Strategy

  • Financial Risk Management & Hedging Techniques

  • Managing Exchange Rate & Interest Rate Risk

  • Derivatives-Forwards, Futures, Options & Swaps

  • Risk Management Glossary of Terms

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Meet your Facilitators

Khushboo Mushtaq ACA

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Distinguished Business valuation Expert, Accounting Adviser and Management Consultant with many years experience in Financial  Management

Fatima Beena Haider

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A highly experienced, organized, detail- oriented, forward thinking and much experienced Financial Trainer and administrator

Samia Masood ACCA

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Highly experienced  Associate Chartered Accountant and ACCA (Member of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, UK).

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