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Seminar Starts on 

14-18 August 2023 at
Carlton Downtown Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About this Course

Strategic Financial Planning Budgeting Control

Business Discussion

Corporate planning, budgeting and control are essential for effective management of modern organizations.​To survive and thrive in the current ever-changing, hyper-competitive global marketplace, financial managers must go far beyond traditional business concepts.


Today they must understand the new dynamics and inter-relationship of forecasting, budgeting and business performance that will determine their organization’s future success or failure. In this leading edge seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Develop effective goals, strategies & plans to achieve business success 

  • Transform the budget into a key management tool that drives performance

  • Increase the accuracy of forecasting to greatly improve decision making

Why you Should Attend this Course

Financial planning and budgeting are critical to the success and sustainability of a business entity – for-profit or otherwise. Financial plans and budgets are an integral part of strategic planning that is indispensable in the deployment and allocation of resources to achieve the entity's both long term and short-term objectives.


Thus, it is critical that management at both the corporate and department level ensure that actual outcomes conform to plans, both long-term and short-term

Office Meeting

What you will Learn

  • Develop effective corporate financial plans 

  • Developing strategies that are meaningful to their organizations

  • Transforming strategies into successful business objectives

  • Understand the importance of operational and strategic objectives

  • Why classical budgeting doesn’t meet current business needs

  • Transforming the budget into a powerful tool that drives success

  • Implement effective performance systems with scorecards & KPIs

  • New approaches for increasing the accuracy of forecasting

  • Real-world forecasting examples and case studies: lessons learned

Who Should Attend?

Professionals interested in furthering their Strategic financial Management and budgetary control skills would benefit from this training course. It will also be beneficial to: ​​

  • Both financial and non-financial personnel  

  • Managers and those with financial responsibilities, Financial decision makers, whose techniques of decision making and analysis will be improved through attendance.

  • Professionals acting upon the financial decisions of others, who will gain an appreciation for decision making thereby ensuring shared values within the organisation.

  • Analysts whose role involves evaluating and identifying market and competitive trends, Junior managers involved in risk managements.
    Managers involved in planning and decision making and Financial planners.

Meet your Trainers
Partner & Senior Trainer
Josh Asufoh

An internationally recognized leading authority, speaker and advisor on 21st century teamwork, collaboration and innovation, 

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Senior Associate & Trainer
Erica Dhawan

An internationally recognized leading authority, speaker and advisor on 21st century teamwork, collaboration and innovation, 

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Entrepreneur & Finance Trainer
Adam Cooper

Adam is a global trend-watcher and economic advisor who shows people how to anticipate the future, manage risk, and spot opportunities.

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