Windows 10 & Managing Modern Desktops

This course enables you perform core IT tasks including installation and monitoring of the Windows operating system, managing access for users and groups, managing hardware and applications, and working with networks, printing, and security.

Duration: 18 Months Access License

Course Fee: US$400


About this Course

Windows 10

Managing Modern Desktops

This course imparts knowledge and practical skills to enable you perform tasks commonly performed by IT professionals who work with the Windows operating system. Training in the Windows operating system is valuable in nearly any IT career.


Windows OS professionals include application support and desktop support analysts, help desk specialists and support specialists. Passing this certification indicates proficiency in a number of core job tasks. These tasks include installation and monitoring of the Windows operating system, managing access for users and groups, managing hardware and applications, and working with networks, printing, and security.

Course Specifications

We deliver the best features on a World-class Platform






55 Simulations Labs

93 Video Lessons

167 Demos & 129 Text Lessons

3 Practice Exams

In one simulation, students can install hardware in a PC, boot it up, and then configure that hardware in the operating system. No need to purchase equipment.
Because these lessons are hosted online, learners can practice whenever they want, anywhere at any given time.
This course also includes 167 demonstrations and 129 well articulated Text Lessons from industry experts, Pros that make IT learning come alive

This course includes 100 exam questions and 3 Certification Practice exams that replicate the question types of the real exams.

Course Highlights


One Course, Two Certification Exams


Windows 10 Client Pro covers both certification exams required to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification, providing an all-in-one resource for instructors and students.


Automatic Progress Reporting

Windows 10 Client Pro's integrated reporting features allow you to see how well your students are progressing. You can see how much time they spend in each of the labs as well as the videos, text lessons, section quizzes, and practice exams. Scores from these resources are automatically recorded, saving you time and effort.


Practical Real-World Simulations


Students can learn and practice common configuration and troubleshooting tasks performed by a desktop administrator. This allows students to develop the technical skills that IT employers are seeking.


Everything You Need in One Resource

This course includes all the teaching materials you’ll need to effectively learn and acquire valuable PC skills. Resources include instructional videos, text lessons, quizzes, and certification exam prep. No additional resources are needed. Real-time scoring and LMS integration are also included, saving instructors valuable time.

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