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About Us

A leader in learning and development since 2009, Highpro International provides professionals worldwide with strategic and innovative training solutions.

A Commitment to Excellence

Over the years, our commitment to excellence has been at the core of our identity. We've become leaders in the field of corporate training, specializing in empowering both individuals and organizations. Our tailored programs cover a broad spectrum of needs, from leadership development that molds the leaders of tomorrow, to technical expertise that keeps professionals at the forefront of their industries, and soft skills enhancement that fosters effective communication and teamwork. 

Transformative Journeys

With our guidance, countless professionals have embarked on transformative journeys. Through our tailored programs, individuals equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive corporate growth and achieve exceptional results. These journeys of growth and empowerment define our legacy.

In 2009, our journey embarked with a simple yet powerful vision that resonated deeply within the hearts of our founders. They envisioned a world where individuals and organizations could harness the power of knowledge and skill development to overcome the challenges of an ever-evolving business landscape. 

World-class Learning Solutions

Welcome to Highpro International

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To be a world-class provider of learning solutions that help people and organizations all over the world.

Develop the skills your workforce needs to compete and win. Our curated learning pathways help close knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes. Whether you're a team of 5 or 50,000, Highpro International offers flexible options to work with your Learning goals and budgets.

Unique features of our Learning Solution

Why Choose
Highpro International

Maximize your organization's potential with Highpro International's world-class training programs. Our expertise empowers and equips your employees to surge ahead collectively with passion and purpose. We are dedicated to helping you cultivate individual potential and foster collective intelligence, setting a direct course towards achieving higher outcomes. Welcome to a new era of corporate growth and excellence with Highpro International's comprehensive training solutions.


Expertise and Quality

Highpro International is renowned for its expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality training solutions. Participants can trust that they will receive training from experienced professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. The content and materials are meticulously curated to provide the latest industry insights and best practices, ensuring participants gain valuable skills and knowledge.

Flexible Delivery Options

Highpro International offers flexibility in training delivery. Participants can choose from a range of options, including in-person seminars, virtual training sessions, e-learning modules, and blended learning approaches. This flexibility allows organizations to select the most convenient and effective mode of training for their teams, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.

Need Training?

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Professional Training Courses


Meet Our Dedicated Team

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Dr Joseph Mwape

Chairman & Co-Founder


Dr Albert Kovacs Fern

Director, Business Development

Ruth Martins.png

Ms. Ruth Martins

Marketing Manager

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Mr. Anthony Jr

Marketing Executive


Mr. Darius Sefuka

Training Manager


Ms. Jasmine Davies

Marketing Executive



Corporate and
Group Training

At Highpro International, we recognize that every organization is unique, with its own distinct goals and aspirations for the future. That's why we are proud to introduce our Corporate Training Solutions, which draw upon decades of expertise and a wealth of content knowledge to create a learning experience specifically designed to align with your organization's vision and objectives.


We help you get your employees skilled up and certified.

Some Companies we have delivered corporate training to Include the following:

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Repairing a computer
Manager working in the office

19-23 Feb 2024, Dubai

Leadership & Management Skills for the 21st Century

Best Seller
Man repairing a Computer
Finance Trainer

18-22 Mar 2024, Dubai 

Project Financing: Funding Projects Successfully

Best Seller
A woman Farmer holding Tomatoes
Woman Farmer holding tomatoes

22-26 Jan 2024, Abu Dhabi

Mastering Agriculture Value Chain Finance

Best Seller
Supply Chain and Logistics
Supply Chain and logistics

26-29 Feb 2024, Cape Town

Supply Chain & Logistics Management Seminar

Best Seller
Store Associate
Store Attendant

15-19 Apr 2024, Dubai

Creative Marketing and Brand Management

International Speaker
Speaker at International Forum

22-26 Apr 2024, Dubai

International Trade Finance Tools and Techniques

Truck on the Road
Trauck on the Road

13-17 May 2024, Dubai

Effective Fleet and Transport Management

AI and Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

20-24 May 202, Singapore

Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers

Agriculture Technology
Big Data in Farming

18-22 Mar 2024, Dubai

Harnessing the Power of Agriculture Technology

Digital Banking Transformation
Digital transformation in Business

25-29 Mar 2024, Dubai

Mastering Digital Banking Transformation 

Woman Startup Entrepreneur
Working in the Office

22-26 Apr 2024, Abu Dhabi

Venture Capital and Startup Financing

Project Managers
Project Managers on Site

27-31 May 2024, Dubai

Project Management Professional Seminar

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