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Future-Proofing Excellence: Agenda 2030 Unleashed - Strategic Business Insights for Today and Beyond





This seminar will also be held virtually Online from 25-29 March 2024

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14-18 October 2024

Landmark Grand Hotel


Future-Proofing Excellence: Agenda 2030 Unleashed

AGENDA 2030 
Strategic Business Insights for Toady and Beyond

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Embark on a transformative journey with our AGENDA 2030 seminar, offering business leaders essential strategic insights to tackle today's challenges. Delve into the current business landscape, gaining a nuanced understanding of market dynamics and disruptive forces, providing the toolkit for leaders to thrive in the present moment.

Future-Forward Strategies Unleashed

Uncover the art of future-forward business strategies in "Future-Forward Strategies Unleashed." This session transcends conventional approaches, offering visionary perspectives on aligning businesses with Agenda 2030. Explore sustainable practices and innovative technologies, positioning your organization as a pioneer in the business landscape of tomorrow.

Networking for Tomorrow's Leaders

AGENDA 2030 isn't just an educational experience; it's a networking opportunity for tomorrow's leaders. In "Networking for Tomorrow's Leaders," engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and like-minded professionals. Build valuable connections, share insights, and forge collaborations that transcend seminar walls, creating a network of forward-thinking leaders ready to shape the future of business.

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Streamlined UAE visa processing: We offer a hassle-free and efficient visa processing service, saving you time and effort.


Convenient Amenities: Enjoy convenient amenities with complimentary lunch and refreshments provided throughout the seminar.


Dubai Sight Seeing Tours: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Dubai with exclusive sightseeing tours and a memorable Dhow Cruise with Dinner.


Transportation Assistance: Experience seamless transportation with our assistance, including airport pickup and drop-off for a hassle-free stay.


World-class Trainers: We choose only the pros that have a proven track record of training effectiveness, professionalism and expertise


Seminar Agenda

Day 1: Navigating the Present Landscape


Session 1 | 9:00 12:00 a.m.

Introduction to AGENDA 2030

Gain a foundational understanding of AGENDA 2030's significance in today's business context. Explore key themes and goals that shape the framework for navigating the complexities of the contemporary business landscape.

  • Understanding the significance of AGENDA 2030 in the contemporary business context

  • Overview of key themes and goals


Session 2 | 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Current Business Challenges

Delve into the challenges faced by modern business leaders. Analyze market dynamics, disruptive forces, and assess organizational resilience in the face of current challenges.

  • Delving into the challenges faced by modern business leaders today

  • Analyzing market dynamics and disruptive forces shaping the present landscape

  • Additional Topic: Assessing Organizational Resilience in the Face of Current Challenges

Additional Information


Cruise Ship

Captivating Dhow Cruise

Experience an unforgettable evening as you cruise through Dubai's stunning waters and enjoy a delightful dinner.

Date, Time Location

14-18 October 2023, The Landmark Grand Hotel, Al Rigga, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates

Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Target Audience

Current and Emerging leaders, and high-potential employees preparing for leadership roles.

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Registration Deadline

Registration for this seminar will close on 10th Oct 2023. Please register before the Deadline

Professional Trainers



Redwan Kabour

Entrepreneur & Facilitator


Ms. Sree Preethi

Corporate Trainer


Mr. Ahmed Farouk

Trainer & Business Consutant

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