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24-28 July 2022, Dubai UAE

Mastering Agriculture Value Chain Finance 

Radisson Blu Hotel, DUBAI, 21-25 August 2023, 

Agriculture Value Chain Finance 

Unleash the potential of value chain financing in agriculture. Discover financial products, innovative models, and solutions for smallholder farmers. Gain practical insights from real-life case studies to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Revolutionize your financing strategies and elevate your agricultural ventures. Enroll now for growth and success in the industry.

Mastering Value Chain Finance: Empowering Agricultural Success Seminar, is a transformative 5-day program that will empower you with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of your agricultural ventures. Discover the secrets of successful value chain financing and harness its power to drive your agricultural success to new heights.

knowledge meets action and innovation drives progress


Why Should
You Attend 






Streamlined UAE visa processing: We offer a hassle-free and efficient visa processing service, saving you time and effort.
Convenient Amenities: Enjoy convenient amenities with complimentary lunch and refreshments provided throughout the seminar.
Dubai Sight Seeing Tours: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Dubai with exclusive sightseeing tours and a memorable Dhow Cruise with Dinner.
Transportation Assistance: Experience seamless transportation with our assistance, including airport pickup and drop-off for a hassle-free stay.
World-class Trainers: Learn from world-class trainers who have a proven track record of effectiveness, ensuring an exceptional learning experience.
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Seminar Agenda

Day 1 Sessions


Session 1: Introduction to Agriculture Value Chain Financing

  • Overview of agriculture value chains

  • Importance of value chain financing

  • Key stakeholders in the agriculture value chain

  • Challenges and opportunities in value chain financing


Session 2: Understanding Agricultural Value Chains:

  • Definition and types of agricultural value chains

  • Mapping and analysis of value chains

  • Identification of value chain actors and their roles

  • Value chain coordination and governance


Session 3: Assessing Value Chain Finance Needs:

  • Introduction to value chain finance needs assessment

  • Methods and tools for assessing financial needs

  • Identifying financial gaps and constraints in value chains

  • Estimating working capital and investment requirements



Meet our first Trainers. We're adding more every week.

Redwan Kabour

Agricultural Entrepreneur & Facilitator


Ms. Sree Preethi

Corporate Trainer Agri-Business


Mr. Ahmed Farouk

Trainer & Agri-Business Consultant

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Who Should Attend

Agriculture Value Chain Finance seminars are typically beneficial for a wide range of participants involved in the agricultural sector. Overall, anyone involved or interested in the agriculture sector, including farmers, agribusinesses, financial institutions, government officials, development organizations, researchers, consultants, and extension officers, can benefit from attending an Agriculture Value Chain Finance seminar.




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