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Change Management

Building High Performance Teams

Seminar Starts on 

24--28 April 2023 at
Carlton Downtown Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About this Course

Today’s business environment is driving change at an unprecedented level. The pace of technology change, in particular, is accelerating, requiring businesses to oversee transitions to new processes and procedures on a regular basis. When these changes require adjustments at the structural as opposed to project level, businesses are required implement organizational change.

Working Together

Why Choose this

This training course covers the essential and necessary skills to lead change initiatives and develop high performing teams. Participants will learn the tools and techniques for effective change management and outstanding results. They will be able to create powerful relationships around them to enable superior performance and enhanced results. Every participant will receive a ‘road map’ for their own personal success.

Open Work Space

Building High Performing Teams

High performing teams are essential to organizations in the modern world. But how do you create one? This course will define what a high performing team looks like and how you can turn any team into a powerful, high performing unit. Learn to form, manage, troubleshoot and grow valuable teams.

Office Meeting

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for all stakeholders, Board Members, Managers, process owners, and employees who will feel the impact of the changes, as much as possible, in the learning, planning, decisions, and implementation of the change.

Meet your Trainers

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Tess Anderson

Art Director

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Practicality is Emphasized

You will leave this seminar with specifics you can apply immediately. You will also get a soundly researched, unabridged workbook

Our Value is Unbeatable

Not only is our enrolment fee among the lowest you’ll find, when four or more enroll from the same organization, you’ll enjoy a significant discount.


Professional Trainers

Our trainers are the best … period. We choose only the pros that have a proven track record of training effectiveness, professionalism and expertise.

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